best bariatric surgeon in iran

The best bariatric surgeon in Iran

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The best bariatric surgeon in Iran is discussed in this article.


Are you tired of pointless efforts to lose weight?

Are exercises and diets becoming useless and you are afraid that your life will be in danger?

If you were searching about the proven and effective methods one can use to get in shape, you most probably encountered bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery is performed by the best bariatric surgeons to help severely overweight people to lose excess weight and have a healthier lifestyle. If you need to undergo this type of surgery, especially in the Middle East, you have to find and know the best bariatric surgeon in Iranwho can help you get the best possible results.

First of all, why Iran?

It might surprise you when you hear that Iran is quickly becoming the next international tourism hub. That is because of both medicinal and cosmetic procedures. But why?

The cost of surgeries in Iran is really low for foreigners. It is because of the economy and the fact that one Iranian Rial (IRR) equals 0.000024 U.S. dollars. And the service and skill that you will receive for such a low cost will surprise you!

Iranian physicians have always had a reputation for skilled hands and intelligent minds and up to this day, the doctors and surgeons are still experienced and skillful.

This combination is perfect for people who need a perfect surgery but with less budget compared to the excessive costs of surgeries in some countries where they live.

You can find the best bariatric surgeons in Iran and have your perfect experience. We are here to help you choose.

Why is bariatric surgery done?

One thing we know for sure is that being overweight is dangerous.

Obesity can lower one’s self-esteem and it is associated with poorer mental outcomes.

It reduces the quality of life and the happiness that people feel.

Obesity is known to be one of the most dangerous health problems since it can lead to various causes of death.

Iranian people are not an exception either, and Iranian bariatric surgeons do bariatric procedures every day and come up with the best results.

Of course, to have a healthier lifestyle, people have to try and lose weight until their BMI (body mass index) is in the proper range.

Some people can lose weight by doing workouts or going on low-calorie diets, but severely overweight people are unlikely to get fit only by doing exercise or eating less.

The irony is that these are the ones who are at the risk of death or other health problems such as:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure ( hypertension)
  • Sleep apnea
  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke

That is why the best bariatric surgeons in Iran try to help severely overweight people with their weight loss. Bariatric surgery might be the only way to save their lives.

The best bariatric surgeon will distinguish the right candidates for the bariatric surgery carefully since this procedure will have some serious side effects and risks under some conditions.

Only by choosing the best bariatric surgeon, you can make sure that everything will be fine and there will be the least possible side effects and risks such as:

  • Anesthesia-related risks
  • Chronic nausea and vomiting
  • Dilation of esophagus
  • Acid reflux
  • Inability to eat certain food
  • Obstruction of stomach
  • Failure to lose weight
  • Infection

How to find the best bariatric surgeon in Iran?

 To find the best bariatric surgeon in Iran, pay attention to the specialty and fellowship of the surgeon. Y

ou have to spend some consulting sessions with the surgeon as well. After that, observe the results (before and after shots) of the previous patients that the doctor has treated, and interview them if possible.

Ask them about their experience.

The difficulties that they may have had with the procedure or the doctor, and ask them if they would choose their surgeon again if they went back.

That way you can come closer to finding the best surgeon in your area.

Who is the best candidate for bariatric surgery?

People with these characteristics are considered to be good candidates for bariatric weight loss surgery:

  • Age 18 and older
  • Being at least 100 pounds above the estimated ideal weight
  • Men and women who have BMI≥40 or BMI≥35 with one or more obesity-related morbidities (heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, lipid abnormalities, osteoarthritis, hypertension, sleep apnea, Reflux Disease, and other disorders.
  • Obese people who are unable to achieve a healthy weight loss that is sustained for a long period despite the efforts.

The important point is that bariatric surgery is not for everyone. Not knowing this, you could put your precious life and health at risk, and there is no way back!

The best bariatric surgeon in Iran will help you figure out what you need and what you do not.

First of all, you need to find out why you are overweight and your doctor will decide whether you need this treatment or not.

This type of surgery is the last resort for obese people and the doctors can help you realize if you are one of the patients who need it.

What is bariatric surgery?

Generally, the term “bariatric surgery” refers to surgical procedures used to help people lose weight by making changes to the digestive system.

This surgery can help you lose weight in different ways:

  1. By doing the surgery, your stomach becomes smaller, so it does not have the same ability to hold big amounts of food.
  2. This way, the patient will lose weight because of the changes made in the digestive system that reduce the body’s ability to absorb food and nutrients.
  3. A combination of the last two methods is used.

There are several surgeries in this field:

Gastric Bypass

During the surgery, the best bariatric surgeons in Iran will change the way your stomach and small intestine normally handle the eaten food. After the general anesthesia, your surgeon will use staples and make your stomach very smaller. There will be a small pouch (that holds only about 28grams or 1 ounce) on the top section of your stomach where the food will go right after you eat. And after that, the surgeon will cut the bottom part of the small intestine and connect it to the small hole in the pouch, and the end of the top part of the small intestine will be connected to the bottom part of the small intestine. After the surgery, the food you eat will go straight to the small pouch, you will feel full so much sooner, and because most of the small intestine had no part in absorbing the food, the nutrients will be less absorbed, and that way you can have the easiest weight loss.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

After this surgery, only about 20% of one’s stomach will remain and the other 80% will be removed to leave a tube-shaped pouch (or a sleeve!). This surgery will help you lose weight in two ways:

  1. The stomach is smaller and thus the person will not be able to eat too much.
  2. With the major part of the stomach removed, the production of the hormone ghrelin will be reduced. This hormone is mainly produced and released by the stomach and has numerous functions. It is also known as the “hunger hormone” and it regulates the appetite and increases food intake.

Duodenal switch

Duodenal switch surgery is a combination of restriction and malabsorption of food. The best bariatric surgeon will start the surgery by making the stomach smaller by removing the outer margin of it. Then the intestine will be rerouted. If you choose the best bariatric surgeon possible, this treatment will be a completely effective way to lose weight.

Gastric Band

During this surgery, a band will be placed around the stomach. This way, the patient will not need to eat a lot of food to feel full.

This procedure usually leads to a loss of about 35% to 45% of excess weight, but the results vary widely and depend on so many factors.

The gastric band is designed in a way to stay in for life but of course, if there are post-operative complications, the patient might need to remove it.

What are the characteristics of the best bariatric surgeon in Iran?

It is wrong for someone to claim that they are the best.

This is a quality that only the observers and experts should find in someone and claiming it without any proof, shows the claimer is not capable of doing what they say they can. Do not fall for the words one might say.

The actions might be completely different!

Some of the characteristics that the best bariatric surgeons need to have:

  • The best bariatric surgeon has to see their patient as a human first.
  • Morality and professional attitude are necessities.
  • The ability to build the foundation of trust and support
  • They have to have the mental and physical ability to do such a long and tiresome procedure.
  • Having a sense of sympathy is a very important factor
  • The ability to calm the patient and make their worries go away
  • Enough knowledge, intelligence, and high ability of concentration.
  • Commitment and responsibility

Final points on choosing the best bariatric surgeon in Iran

  • Check the surgeon’s medical licenses carefully
  • Have a research about the surgeon’s operations history
  • Choose a doctor who is skilled, experienced, and specialized.
  • Make sure the bariatric surgeon you choose has enough proficiency in different modern bariatric procedures such as Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass, etc.
  • Being up-to-date is essential for a surgeon.
  • The quality of the surgeon’s recent procedures shows you if you should choose them.
  • Having a direct connection with the patient is important as well

Have these tips in mind and you will choose the best bariatric surgeon to help you become more healthy each day. Of course, the best result will happen if you take precautions and listen to what your surgeon suggests. In fact, after-care is almost as important and vital as the surgery itself.


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